Ken Cuccinelli an Attorney General for Wingnuts

The Atlantic and Slate both have articles profiling Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General for Virginia, and his special brand of legal activism.

A quote from the Atlantic article: What Ken Cuccinelli Could Learn From Spider-Man’s Uncle

Even the most charitable imagination is prone to turn dark when a government official wants to investigate a private citizen for the offense of controversial writing, without any evidence and without any legal basis. Cuccinelli’s picture will likely someday adorn the dictionary entry for “overreach.”

Full Article: What Ken Cuccinelli Could Learn From Spider-Man’s Uncle

A quote from Dahlia Lithwick’s post on Slate:

“It must be Wednesday, because Virginia’s hyperactive attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, is back in the news. Of course, he was also in the news on Tuesday, on Monday, and last Friday. Religious displays on public land, abortion, immigration, climate change. Is there a single issue from the culture wars over which Cuccinelli hasn’t picked a fight? But that’s one of the perils of treating one’s elected office like a Fox News show: If Cuccinelli isn’t launching five national ideological battles per week, his ratings might slip. And so ever onward he trudges, devoting his every working day to treating the commonwealth like it’s the Lord’s Disneyland.”

Full Article: In Ken We Trust

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