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Struggle Over the Nile – Legacy of Dispute (Episode 2)

Legacy of the Despute – Struggle Over the Nile …, posted with vodpod   View Episode 1: Masters No More Advertisements

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Struggle Over the Nile – Masters No More

Struggle over the Nile – Masters no more, posted with vodpod

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Breaking the Silence [Occupation of the Territories — Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010]

Article from The New York Review of Books: ‘And No One Wants to Know’: Israeli Soldiers on the Occupation

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Aaron Huey: America’s Native Prisoners of War

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Trailer – The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers | POV | PBS Video (Updated)

PBS will be airing in its entirety this must see 2010 Oscar nominated documentary on October 5, 2010. The documentary will also be available for viewing online from October 6, 2010 through October 27, 2010 at the PBS website for … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and a New Way Forward

The New America Foundation has produced a report putting forth a five point approach for a new direction in the War in Afghanistan: 1. Emphasize Power-Sharing and Political Reconciliation 2. Scale Back and Eventually Suspend Combat Operations in the South … Continue reading

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